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7 ways to Get Best Finance Deals on Your Car Purchase

By : Pritam

With the era of technology greatly on rise, there has been constant increase in competition, and you as a customer can get a plethora of choices while you decide buying your new car. Now while on one hand this competition is great, there is another side to this story. Finance companies seeing your desire to buy new car will try to offer you deals which might prove to be a bit hard on your pocket. Hence it is time to control your desire and get hold of these few tips which will prove to be quite handlful in getting the best finance deals.

1. Shop For Options

Do not just enter in to a single shop and finalise the deal, well that is if you do have time. Do make it a point to look for best car offers available along with the finance options which are offered by them. Do make yourslef appear serious about buying car and the executive should know that you would ask around and therefore he should give you the best price possible.

2. Negotiate to the very best

As soon as the dealer quotes a price do not just appear all excited and take it. Start negotiating and offer him at least three competing prices, which eventually will lead to your EMI dropping very quicly.

3. Try Getting A Deal During End of Month

Executives and agents do have a monthly target to reach and hence will give you best prices during the month end as they will then be needing you to meet the targets.

4. Trying Getting A Finance From Your Bank

Banks who already know you as their estemmed customer will offer you a 1-2 percent discount on the EMI. Before talking to some other institution do make it a point to get to know the rates as offered by your own bank.

5. Do Not Settle Quickly

Executives have the habit of telling you that the finance rate available, has been calculated keeping in mind the best of your interest and you won’t get a better deal than this. Do not be so gullible and instead check the prices available online before finally making your choice.

7. Prefer Nationalised Over Private

National banks will offer you a far more competitive auto loan price than the one offered by private banks. Therefore try in first place to get your vehicle loan approved from national bank however if the same doesn’t work then happily go for private ones.

So, these were the few tips which will help you get an exciting auto loan deal. Do make sure you read the loan terms carefully and do not delay your EMI’s as banks have a credit score which will enable you to get any future loan.

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