Apple Enters Self-Driving Cars Race

By : Om

After revolutionising the entire system of phones and its culture, the leading American computer and electronic software giant- Apple have now decided to tap into the market of theautomobile industry. Speculations had already begun around a few years ago that the company was showing interest in transportation side of the business- and have been rightly proven so.

After disclosing that the California Department of Motor Vehicle had granted the permit to begin testing its self-driving cars on public roads, Apple’s entry into the already ongoing race was finally made official. The company has- for a while now- been investing in machine learning and autonomous systems. It finds its purpose on the base that the idea of self-driving cars is transforming and could affect a lot of change in the world. These cars could save congestion and millions of deaths which are caused because of the recklessness of the driver- drunk driving, to begin with!

Apple has also been experiencing a sort of dry spells in creating any breakthroughs for a while. No doubt, it is still a giant when it comes to electronics and gadgets. But nothing groundbreaking has been achieved, for quite a long time and with this new innovative step, they are, possibly, trying to wash the slate clean of all the stunted period it has been through.

However, it has a long way to catch up keeping in mind that this race is not a new one. 29 other companies already have permits for testing self-driving cars, and a lot of major automobile companies are already on it- including Ford, Tesla, and BMW. Not to forget the biggest competitor- Google.Google has been working on it for almost 8 years now and has even created a spin-off Waymo. Hence, Apple might need to up its level exponentially.

Entering the race late, however, is not something new for Apple. It wasn’t the first of its kind to produce all those that it is the master of, now. Therefore, it can be well expected from this company to honour its reputation and create something avant-grande.

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