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Extended Warranties - Yes Or No

By : Shalini

Warranty is a sign that the manufacturer has trust on his product. For cars in India, the warranties are normally for 1-2 years. With changing market, there is a new concept introduced called as ‘extended warranties’. The cars sold nowadays come with something called as extended warranty at some extra price. So, the question is whether these extended warranties are helpful? The answer is yes. They should be taken by the consumer as they are worth the price paid.

A fact to be considered while thinking about extended warranty is that the modern cars have expensive parts and getting them replaced will cost you a lot of money. Rather, pay a little more money at the beginning and then relax for the rest of the time. Here are few points that you should consider while thinking of extended warranty.

  • Purchase time

Extended warranty should be purchased right at the beginning i.e. during the delivery of car, as there may be some restrictions later.

  • Warranty provider

You can take an extended warranty given by the manufacturer or the car dealer.

  • Transfferability

The best thing is you can sell the extended warranty as well with your car.

  • Places of repair

There are some extended warranties that require you to visit that particular center for getting the repairs done. So, before purchasing an extended warranty, make sure that they provide service at minimum 3-4 locations.

  • Coverage

Explore the extended warranty you are about to purchase. Make sure you see which all parts and damages are covered under it so that it benefits you rather than burdening you. There are different plans of extended warranties available and so make sure you pick the one that suits your car the best.

So, next time you buy a car, do enquire about the extended warranty, its price and the damages it covers. Analyze it properly to find whether it is the best plan at the price and buy it accordingly.

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