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Luxury Car Giants Make Big Plans For Electric Cars

By : Neeraj

Here is something that will make everyone happier! The luxury car brands are now planning big on the electric cars. This step comes even after the hybrid ones go with high tax burden.

Volvo Cars, known for their luxury cars is planning their global electric launch in India in 2019. The other brands like BMW, Audi are also planning to launch a mix of BS6 power trains, full electrics and plug-in hybrids as well. The first all-electric car by Volvo Cars is expected on Indian roads by 2020. But, they will still be launching their plug-in hybrids as they believe that it is a bridge between the current cars and the future electric cars.

Not only Volvo Cars, Mercedes Benz too is planning to launch their electric cars and is currently working on 10-model electric vehicle. Audi too is getting ready with its electric cars! Also, there are electric cars designed by Pininfarina for Mahindra & Mahindra that has all new 360-600V power train. 

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