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Must Have Accessories For Your Car

By : Om

Car buying process does not end with just the possession of the car. The accessories, may it be for safety or for enhancing the look are very necessary. In today’s world, the car dealers have a wide range of accessories which are available at extra price. Choosing the right ones at reasonable prices is very important. It is a wise decision to buy the car accessories from the after-market as it saves a lot of money. To make your work easy, here is a list of must have accessories for your brand new car!

Interior enhancement

  • Mats

              A dicky mat and floor mats will make your car look clean.

  • High quality sun film

              Filming will help the passengers from extreme climatic conditions like heat.

  • Seat covers

              Leather seat covers give a classy finish to your car interiors.

  • Air freshener

              To prevent people from getting out of your car just to grab some fresh air, have a decent smelling air freshener in your car.

  • Audio system

               If you like music, this accessory should top your list.


  • Remote locking security system

              This adds to the level of security as well as the convenience.

  • Headlight bulb upgrade

              Have powerful head bulbs with proper wiring.

  • Gear lock

              To prevent theft, this accessory is a must.

  • Mirror lock

              This required to keep standard wing mirrors from theft.


  • Fire extinguisher

              In case of electrical short circuit followed by fire, this can be of great help to save your car and lives.

  • Fog lights

              It acts as a backup light in case of fog conditions.

  • Puncture repair kit

              In case of long travel, this is a must have accessory.

  • Extra fuses

              They need to be kept for parts like headlights, starters which are very crucial parts.

  • Comprehensive tool kit

              Along with standard tool kit, tools like a Swiss army knife should also be kept.

Tyre alloys

  • Alloy wheels

              If you have a decent budget, then definitely buy alloy wheels.

  • Tyre upgrade

              Upgrade your tyres to an appropriate size for longer life.

Along with these necessary accessories, few others are car cover, child seat, branded wax polish and high quality cleaning cloth. So, be safe, clean and look classy in your brand new car with these accessories.

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