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Volvo Performance Sedan S60 Polestar

By : Om

Completing its range in the luxury segment of vehicles, the Swedish automobile company- Volvo has launched the new Sedan S60. After the acquiring Polestar- a motorsport team founded in 1996- Volvo had been creating racing cars under this wing, turning it into Volvo’s own performance brand. But now, combining the experience (worth two decades) of Polestar from its racing heritage and Volvo’s legacy, the company has brought this car into the market which is, reportedly, the quickest car from the line-up.


There are loads of things which set this one apart from all that Volvo has offered before to the Indian market. It can pick up the pace from 0 to 100 kmph in a slight of 4.7 seconds and can allow the top speed of 250 kmph. Keeping out from the league of using 6 cylinder engines, this car is known to be using only 4 cylinder engines for which 2-litre twin-charged petrol engines- one being turbocharged, other being supercharged. A power of 367 hp is produced along with the torque of 478 Nm. An 8-speed torque converter automatic gearbox doles out the power to all four wheels.

Also, this car is rather low to the ground. The 20-inch wheels add to the functionality of it'saerodynamic which ropes in the bumper and sill extensions. With its blue contrast stitching, it feels a bit more chrome. A lot of Alcantara trim has been embedded in Sedan S60- covering the seats, door pads and the steering wheel.

The standard S60 specific cabin has been installed in this model. The front seats are heavy bolstered, and unlike SUVs where they get firm and uncomfortable- at times, this one has the ones which are supportive and luxurious, at the same time.

Of all the changes, one thing remains the same- Volvo safety features. The Blind Spot warning and radar guide emergency braking services are made available in Sedan S60.

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