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How to renew driving license issued in other states?

Posted 2016-11-24 14:47:21

Vaibhav23 | Answer (1)

  • In Delhi, the procedure and documents are same as renewal of driving licence except record confirmations may be asked from issuing authority of that state. You have to apply to your local zonal office for the same.

    Documents required for renewal of Driving Licence

    1. Application in Form No.9 (Application for renewal of driving licence).
    2. NOC of Driving Licence from other state (In original)
    3. Prescribed fees and penalties as applicable.
    4. 2 copies of your recent passport size photograph.
    5. Original Driving license held.
    6. Attested copies of Valid Proof of age and residence.
    7. Form No.1 self declaration of physical fitness.
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